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  1. rosalindawijks · August 8, 2016

    I love Mona & her work, though I don’t agree with her on everything. She’s progressive, anti-racist, fights Islamophobia and classism and is VERY brave.

    I don’t agree with her on the hijab and the niqab. She considers the hijab as a part of modesty culture which unfairly burdens girls & women. But IMO, that’s too simplistic, since that is but one meaning people give to hijab. She wants to ban the niqab everywhere.

    Even though I detest the niqab personally and what it represents, I don’t think banning is the solution, and I’m not a fan of banning anything.

    But Mona has been villified, insulted etc. a lot, and people accuse her of all sorts of stuff she never said. Like for instance, many people claim that she says she speaks for all Arab and/or Muslim women, but she always made it very clear she only speaks for herself. People also accuse her of saying that only Arab men are sexist, while she makes it very clear that misogyny is universal. People also accused her of siding with Sisi/the military, while she always calls him a fascist dictator, and so on.

    She is one of my feminist rolemodels, because she fights all “isms” and also fights Arab racism against black Africans and doesn’t deny it, what many Arabs do, and she also fights classism, bc many educated Egyptians act like misogyni/street sexual harrassment is only something of the “illiterate, backward masses from the slums”. (I speak of my own experience in Egypt)

    So, even though I don’t agree with her on everything and don’t like her swearing&provoking, I salute her as a brave feminist.

    Here are some interesting vids in which she explains her piece & more:


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